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Portfolio Management at TK Dale Wealth

TK Dale Wealth Management is founded by Trevor Dale, CFA and serves families across Ontario, Canada including individuals and corporations.

TK Dale Wealth offers individually held portfolio management to families, customized to each family's situation and investment goals. Portfolios are kept up to date based on your family priorities as well as Mr. Dale's strategic, proactive view of the market.

Mr. Dale is the primary point of contact for all clients and maintains a detailed understanding of the family's circumstances so that he can provide the optimal advice on most financial questions.

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Investment Philosophy

Founder, Trevor Dale, manages portfolios for families preparing for retirement and currently in retirement. Having worked with pension funds and hedge funds previously.

He is looking for the best risk-adjusted returns. What countries, sectors and commodities have the biggest economic protection while also having the biggest potential upside. This is a balancing act and one that needs to be constantly updated. Economies are fluid and should be monitored closely. When there is a material and significant change in the economy then that should be reflected inside your portfolio. You shouldn't have to ask for it to be done, it should automatically be done.

This is why a long term perspective needs to be kept. Markets in the short term don't always reflect the economic realities. Markets fluctuate between the scale of euphoria and panic. A disciplined approach is necessary.

Mr. Dale takes a "top-down" approach to investing. That means that he first looks at the global economy followed by country specific countries, sectors and then individual stocks. It is the "rising tide raises all ships" philosophy that he goes by. Inside of that, how are the sectors reacting and why.

There is a dislocation between the markets and what we experience in real life. The markets will often sell off long before we see the effects in our day to day life. Conversely when the day to day life often looks better, it is the markets that have likely gone much higher well in advance of that realization. The markets are always forward looking and it is discipline and analysis that helps to stay ahead of the curve.

Data is the most important part of investing. The news should be minded but the decisions are based off of the news. Only details that materially affect economics are decisions that should be traded off of.

We (And You) Could Get it Wrong. While Mr. Dale hopes to foresee the most obvious trends, he doesn't pretend to be a know-all guru. While he has the top of industry qualifications and experience, he recognizes that to get outsized performance that he may need to deviate from a typical benchmark. This is intended to do well over the long term and is balanced out with the rest of the portfolio that we not expect to do as well in case we're wrong.


There are many factors to consider when looking at performance. Since all clients have different asset allocations and different requirements from their portfolios, there will be varying performance between each client.

Some factors to consider are the amount of capital allocated to stocks versus bond. Also, what are the returns relative to? What countries and sectors are you looking at? Are you looking for income or total return? How much are you looking to withdraw from the portfolio? What is the tax consequences of each account? What is the time frame of the investments? What is the context of the market performance?

Short term measures of performance can be misleading as there are larger trends at play than day to day or month to month returns. Hiring a firm based purely on past performance can be risky.

Portfolio Investments

When choosing individual portfolio investments, one of the key considerations is having a company diversified portfolio. It is nearly impossible to know what's happening inside a company before the information is public. A more reliable measure is economic data.

Looking at economic data begins with a worldwide approach. Global in foundation we also believe that even though we are Canadians, we are global investors.

Global investors search for the best risk-adjusted returns worldwide. They remove the "home bias" which means to have a preference towards investing where someone lives. 

As global investors we look for ways to mitigate any potential undesired risks such as currency and invest where most appropriate.

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 Consultation Today

If you have a $150,000 portfolio or greater schedule a FREE financial consultation to understand the benefits my valued clients receive.


Simple and straightforward, the fees paid to TK Dale Wealth are a direct management fee which is debited from your investment account on a monthly basis. There is an annual rate set based on the size of the account which decreases as the size of family assets increases.

The only additional fees are a nominal custody fee, low trading costs and low ETF management fees.
● No hidden commissions
● No hidden service charges

Mr. Dale believes that client needs come first above commissions and product. That's why I use a percentage based fee structure.

Tools At Our Disposal

When constructing financial plans and portfolios for clients we will look to implement the most efficient solution possible.

We will assess the merits of using:
● ETF's
● Stocks
● Bonds
● Segregated Funds
● Annuities
● Mutual Funds
● High Interest Savings Accounts
● Commodity Linked ETF's

Account Types

We are capable of handling most account types. These accounts include:

● LIRA - Federal or Provincial
● Margin
● Corporate

Speak to a Professional

What Services Do I Provide?

I provide a customized approach to investment management that always puts you first. This begins with an in-depth analysis of your family financial and human considerations that dictate your investment strategy. The result is a highly specialized and personalized approach consistent with your goals and needs.

Portfolio Management

I don't sell product or one-size-fits-all solutions. I take the time to understand you and your goals and build tailored investment accounts that meet your desires. I stay up to date on your holdings and keep you updated regularly.

Retirement Planning

Unlike many firms, I give my complete focus to your complex financial needs in retirement to best determine the most appropriate approach. I analyze your income needs for retirement given your unique life desires and help to find the most optimal investment solutions.

Community Driven

When you with with TK Dale Wealth Management it means that you are working with a local, community focused investment professional. Trevor Dale left his job as Portfolio Manager, Director of Client Services and Chief Compliance Officer downtown Toronto to focus on a more local and personal approach.

More Information About TK Dale Wealth Management

Account Size

If you have $150,000 or more in investable assets, contact us today to find out today how I can help you become successful in achieving your desired financial future.


Many of my clients are looking for their assets to provide an income throughout their retirement years and also leave a legacy. I therefore take a longer-term view toward performance measurement.

How to Get Started

The first step to seeing if TK Dale Wealth Management is a good fit for you is contacting me. With my wide experience and specialty in portfolio analysis, I will provide you with a complimentary portfolio analysis including a breakdown of the fees you're currently paying (including the ones you don't see that you're paying!).
If you decide to become a client, I will personally guide you through the transition process while my back office handles the mechanics to make this as comfortable and continuous as possible.
After becoming a client you will have direct access to me, Trevor Dale, who will be your main point of contact and serve as a long-term team member of your family.
You'll also have access to educational resources such as webinars and other communications from me as the portfolio manager.

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